Mad Max: Fury Road (Blu-Ray)

In this long-awaited reboot of the apocalyptic series that started it all, loner Mad Max (Tom Hardy) joins forces with the mysterious Furiosa (Charlize Theron) as they get caught up in the exodus of a clan of rebels fleeing an evil despot as they race across the sun-parched Wasteland.
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Cherry 2000 (Blu-Ray)

In this arch sci-fi sex comedy-cum-action extravaganza, a hard-nosed female mercenary helps a hapless yuppie find a new body for his robot girlfriend in the post-industrial wasteland of the American Southwest. In the year 2017, what little remains of civilization feeds off the scrap heap of 20th century waste, while even casual sex has become a matter of regulations and contracts.
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The Age of Adaline (Blu-Ray)

Adaline (Blake Lively) has kept to herself for decades in order to keep secret the fact that she has remained 29-years-old for nearly a century. However, when she meets a handsome philanthropist named Ellis (Michiel Huisman), she strains against the self-imposed exile she's lived in. When her secret may become public, she is forced to take greater control over her life. Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker co-star.
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Lost River (Blu-Ray)

Ryan Gosling tries his hand at writing and directing with this fantasy thriller starring Christina Hendricks as a financially strapped single mother struggling to protect her kids in a dreamlike city.
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Waterworld (Blu-Ray)

Widely considered to be an expensive failure, Waterworld was an epic vehicle for Kevin Costner, who starred in and co-produced the film, with his friend Kevin Reynolds as director. It was based on a 1986 screenplay by Peter Rader and cost an estimated $235 million, more than any film in history up to that time. Costner eventually fired Reynolds and directed the last few scenes himself. The story was filmed in Hawaii, using several artificial islands, and is set in an apocalyptic future, after global warming has melted the polar ice caps and flooded civilization.
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Strangerland (Blu-Ray)

In this elemental drama, parents Catherine (Nicole Kidman) and Matthew (Joseph Fiennes) search for their missing teenage children Tommy (Nicholas Hamilton) and Lily (Maddison Brown) during a cataclysmic dust storm in the Australian outback, only to come under scrutiny about their own past.
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