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My Old Lady (Blu-Ray)

Despondent New Yorker Mathias Gold (Kevin Kline) ventures to Paris with plans of liquidating the apartment inherited from his late father, but runs into an unexpected roadblock when he discovers that the flat is currently inhabited by his father's former lover, an elderly Englishwoman named Mathilde Girard (Maggie Smith), and her adult daughter Chloé (Kristin Scott Thomas). Realizing he's reached an impasse after learning that Mathilde can legally collect regular payments from him until her death, Mathias convinces her to enter into a tentative lodging agreement that's complicated by Chloé's suspicion over his meetings with a predatory property developer with an eye on the apartment.
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Lucy (Blu-Ray)

Following in the recent tradition of high-concept sci-fi action thrillers like Inception, Lucy is at its best when it's either reveling in explosive action sequences, or delving into deep, metaphorical philosophy. The moments in between, when the characters actually attempt to explain the pseudo-science that drives the plot, as always, are this genre's weak points. But while you're in the middle of enjoying the ride, it probably won't matter. The story rests entirely on the oft-quoted factoid that human beings only use 10% of their brains, proposing that thus, activating that unused 90% could offer us wild and crazy superpowers.
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Honeymoon (Blu-Ray)

Tensions mount when a newlywed couple head into the wilderness on their honeymoon, and the new bride's disturbing sleepwalking habits lead her groom to suspect that sinister forces may be at work.
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Working Girl (Blu-Ray)

Unhappy with her job and her loser boyfriend, Melanie Griffith takes a secretarial post at a major Wall Street firm. Her boss is Sigourney Weaver, an outwardly affable yuppie whose grinning visage hides a wicked and larcenous propensity for exploiting the ideas of her employees. While Weaver is incapacitated, Griffith is compelled by circumstances to pose as her boss. Her inborn business acumen and common sense enable Griffith to rise to the top of New York's financial circles, and along the way she wins the love of executive Harrison Ford. Things threaten to take a sorry turn when Weaver returns, but it is she who suffers from the consequences of her own past duplicity.
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On Golden Pond (Blu-Ray)

There's little that happens in On Golden Pond that isn't thoroughly predictable from the start, but the film is blessed with so much star power, charm and honest sentiment that everyone in the audience is willing to ignore the cliches and go the distance. In his last film, Henry Fonda plays Norman Thayer, a cranky 80-year-old retired professor, making his annual pilgrimage with his wife Katharine Hepburn in her only teaming with Henry Fonda to their New England summer cottage. Their solitude is interrupted when the couple's daughter Chelsea Jane Fonda arrives with her fiance Bill Dabney Coleman and his son Doug McKeon in tow. It takes a while, but Jane Fonda and Coleman, about to go on a vacation of their own, persuade Henry Fonda and Hepburn to take care of McKeon.
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A Walk Among the Tombstones (Blu-Ray)

A heroin trafficker whose wife was abducted and murdered hires a haunted private investigator to track down the men who killed her in this brooding crime drama starring Liam Neeson. Matt Scudder (Neeson) was an NYPD cop having a quiet drink in a Washington Heights bar when a pair of armed robbers came in guns blazing. Giving chase, Scudder kills the robbers in the street, though a stray bullet turns a heroic moment tragic. Devastated, Scudder subsequently goes to work as an unlicensed private detective, working just outside of the law and surviving on generous gifts offered in exchange for his services.


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